The Authority considers complaints alleging misconduct or neglect of duty by the Police, or about Police practices, policies, and procedures affecting the complainant.

The Authority also considers incidents of death and serious injury caused by Police action. The Police have to inform IPOA about these incidents. The Authority can also investigate on its own motion.

Please READ all the GUIDELINES here.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Please follow these instructions in filling out your complaint. 1.  If you are lodging a complaint for the first time with IPOA, do the following

  • Click on the create complainant button on the left, fill-in your identification details (If you are lodging a complaint on another victim’s behalf, use their identification details instead) –
  • After filling in your details you will be directed to the create complaint page, fill in the incident details as required.

2. If you are already registered with IPOA (have previously lodged a complaint from the web portal), don’t create another complainant unless you are lodging a complaint for someone else.

  • Click on the View Complaints button on the right to view earlier complaints you have lodged in advance – or,
  • Click on the Create Complaints button next to the complainant for whom you wish to lodge another complaint. (To view already lodged complaints for that complainant – click on the view complaints text, next to it.)

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